JADE Yoga Blocks


Nature's Best Yoga Block.

Jade Balsa Yoga Blocks are made with 100% balsa wood, a rapidly renewable resource, harvested from the balsa trees outside of rainforest areas. Soft, but not spongy, perfect for supporting poses, aiding alignment and opening your practice.

Jade Balsa Superlight Yoga Blocks are extra lightweight for yogis on the go. (We also have a lightweight version, for yogis on the go; Jade Superlight Balsa Block).

Jade Balsa Blocks are made from naturally growing and non-engineered balsa wood, Jade Balsa Blocks may vary slightly in weight and appearance. Through its partnership with Trees for the Future, Jade preserves 100 square feet of rainforest for each block sold. Jade's Small Superlight Block helps you get into those difficult to reach poses and expand your practice. Superlight Blocks are extra light for easy portability.

4" x 6" x 10" (10cm x 15cm x 25cm)

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